Gilet – Yes or No?

Gilet - Yes or No? 2

I feel Gilets (Jee-Lay) get a bad name for no discernible reason, for too long they’ve been associated with the outdoorsy crowd who love to walk around the Lake District every weekend or by someone who looks like they should be in an episode of Made in Chelsea. You need to know that these groups are not the sole proprietors of the Gilet, you don’t have to be skiing in the French alps to qualify for a Gilet. It was made for all mankind and we shall take it back!

The true wonder of the Gilet does not lie in whom shall doth it, but rather in why tho doth it, is doth even a word?

Anyway, PRACTICALITY! Yes, the gilet is a very practical item of clothing. For certain parts of the year, it’s cold but not cold enough to put a coat on and it’s warm but not warm enough to just wear a T shirt. Herein lies the beauty of the Gilet, perfect for these moments, built for these moments, to keep thy torso warm and cozy.

They’ve gone from only being available in outdoor activity stores to every kind of store imaginable. Designers and brands at all levels are taking a stab at the Gilet and creating a variety of styles in different fabrics. For those mild winter/spring days, it’s a perfect option to add abit of contrast to your outfit. Id also say it’s a great layering piece, you can wear one under a coat or over a blazer (Check the Italians on this one), just make sure it’s not too bulky, the slimmer the better for layering.

As I mentioned, with every designer ensuring they’ve got a gilet in there collection, the idea has been picked up by the high street too so whatever your price point, you’ll be covered. Uniqlo do a great Gilet at the lower end of the spectrum and if money is no object then you can go and hit up French brand Moncler. There’s also quite a few in between those two, check out a few below.

In conclusion, Gilets are the one. Practical aswell as stylish, it’s a no brainer, so whoever says it’s not, well, they’re a dick.