Nike Tech – Certified Cozy Boy Pants

Nike Tech - Cozy Boy Pants 3

We all love a pair of or joggers as we call them in the UK, the ones you put on as soon as you get home from work, y’all know what I mean. Sunday has been the official day of sweatpant wearing for many years but recently we’ve all become abit more about that comfort life and they’ve become acceptable 7 days a week now.

Through years of personal research I can finally say I’ve come across the most comfortable ever and with their slim fit, they also look great so you can venture out in them. Perfect for straight up loungin’ but also great for a workout, now that the winter months are coming, we want to keep those legs warm.

I proudly introduce the Pant. you should really go buy them, now!

PS. We think they look best in black, everything looks better in black!