Gant Rugger

Gant Rugger

When many of us think of quintessential American brands, the first thought that comes to our heads is that horse. Polo Ralph Lauren is the perennial preppy brand, some of you may say Tommy Hilfiger and you could, to a lesser extent mention Gant or J Crew.

I indulge in abit of preppiness from time to time, I try not to go overboard like I’ve just stepped out of the hamptons because well, you’d look ridiculous doing that anywhere else other than the Hamptons but a neat oxford shirt doesn’t go a miss, or a pair of boats on a  breezy summers day. You can quite easily end up going full prep and looking like Carlton from fresh prince and as much as we love his dance moves, none of us want that.

If you’re looking to add abit of preppy style to your wardrobe and don’t want to go with the usual options ala ralphy/tommy then let this be your alternative. The younger, much cooler brother of Gant does quintessential Ivy league styles with a European twist to appeal to a much more youthful audience, I present Gant Rugger.

I came across the brand a few years ago when trawling through Mr Porter and I can easily say they do some of the best button down shirts I’ve ever worn. Quality in material, superb fits and of course they look great. But it’s not just the shirts that are great, across the board, for any type of occasion, Rugger has got you covered.

Take a look below and be inspired!

Gant Rugger Website