Essentials: White T Shirt

Is the white t shirt undervalued? A perennial mainstay in any mans wardrobe, not just the style conscious amongst us. A basic white tee is good, a quality white tee is a must! Wear it on its own or as an underlay for a sweater or casual shirt, it can work perfectly with any colour.

How I wear it?
There is no right or wrong way, on a summers day wear it on its own with some chinos or in less warmer climes throw on a sweatshirt or flannel shirt over the tee and you’ll be ready to go. Also easily paired with a jacket (bomber, leather, denim, varisty), take your pick! Just keep it to block colours and the great thing is white goes with virtually any colour so if you mess this up, you need to be having strong words with yourself.

Where to get it?
On a budget you cant beat my favourite fast fashion retailer, Uniqlo. At £5-10 a pop, buy a lorry load, you’ll be incredibly surprised by the quality and durability available at that price, not to mention the perfect fit. Want to splash out, then go to the self acclaimed best t shirt makers around “Sunspel”, advocated by the King, Marlon Brando himself, I dont need to say anything else now do I?