Essentials: Black Denim Jeans

Essentials: Black Denim Jeans 9

One of the most versatile items of clothing in your wardrobe, dress down with a black/white/grey crew neck tee and some pristine white trainers or desert/chelsea/chukka boots (optional suede) and you’re good to go. The fit should always be slim, boot cut has never been a thing. The more worn in the better they well perform, if you can stretch to some extra pesos then go selvedge for added character. If you’re feeling like a bad boy rockstar, pair with a leather jacket and some blacked out sunglasses. Just make sure it’s sunny out and refrain from thinking you’re the terminator.

You can also easily dress up the jeans with a well fitted shirt and a  casual blazer. Simply put, a staple of any stylish mans closet.

See below for some looks of how it should be done.

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