The Summer Essential: Terry Towelling

Summer T Shirt: Terry Towelling

“If it’s good enough for Pablo..”

We’re in peak t shirt season, it’s time to cash in on all that hard work you’ve put in at the gym over the last year, release the guns people! Well, that may be the case for some of you, for the others, myself included, we spent the day motivating ourselves to go work out but then got home and found it was far too cold to venture out again so we decided to work on our guts with a large pizza and a side of coke. Satisfaction comes in many forms!

Anyway, as it’s the summer months, we must wear weather appropriate clothing. So to look slightly better than everyone else around you, I’d advise on trying something a little different and with that I welcome you to the terry towelling tee.

I’ll give you the sciencey bit first; Terrycloth, terry cloth, terry towelling, terry, or simply towelling is a fabric with loops that can absorb large amounts of water. It can be manufactured by weaving or knitting. Towelling is woven on special looms that have two beams of longitudinal warp through which the filler or weft is fired laterally.”  So basically yeah it’s like being draped in a towel, how great is that?!?! For me, it’s a perfect coming and going to the beach t shirt for your holidays, but you can easily wear one to a summer evening gathering just walking that fine line between casual and smart. Either way, it’s a no brainer to smarten up any summer outfit.


Reiss and Orlebar Brown have some great styles in stock so before you pack your suitcase, take a look and add one or two to your collection.


Enjoy the rest of your summer!