Train Hard; Look Sharp: What to wear when working out.

Train Hard; Look Sharp: What to wear when working out. 2

If you’re serious about how you present yourself then this isn’t just a 9 to 5 stint, it’s 24/7, we live and breathe this shit. If you’re about to hit the gym or go to bed, you better still make sure you’re looking 100%, you have a reputation to look after son!

Your gym wear should firstly be functional, those fleece sweatpants aren’t made for the treadmill or cross trainer, plus no one wants to see those dark grey sweat patches in your ass crack, we are not “bout’ that life”. So, I advise sticking to dark blues and blacks in the gym, I only wear black, like a panther ready to pounce. The only item that should have colour is your trainers/sneakers (delete as appropriate), it’ll add a nice balance to the workout outfit.

Secondly, make sure it’s all fitted, fully functional, nothing loose, nothing baggy, we’re all about aerodynamics here! You want to be streamlined, ready to work and fuck it, at least you’ll look the part if you cant do anything else. I’ve been generous enough to show you a few items below which you should look to acquire, you never know, that girl you’ve been shady pervin’ on from the chest press machine may actually see you through the sea of sweat!

I leave you with this:

“If people say you can wear anything to the gym, they don’t know shit and they’re probably bang out of shape. As I say, look good, feel good, TRAIN HARD”.



List of items you should have:

Full arm base layer top | Running Tights | Technical Pants | 9Inch shorts | Gilet | Dri Fit Tee Shirt and Full length | Trainers | Invisible Running Socks


Ipod/Headphones/Fuel Band or other activity tracker (optional: for the techies)