Premier Cozy Boyz; John Eliott & Co

Words by Ifza Khushnud

“For boys who like to be fashionable…yet cozy.” As defined by the venerable Urban Dictionary.

I’m talking tapered sweatpants, loopback sweatshirts, mercer tees, I’m talking John Elliott + Co, King of Cozy boy wear.

Sweats never used to be stylish, they were created for two purposes, lazy time and active time. You were either wearing them at home whilst you ate pizza and watched shitty tv or when you were working out. Name another item of clothing that has the power to work perfectly at two opposite ends of the scale?  That’s right, you can’t, praise be to the most high!

I’ve seen quite a few designers take a stab at loungewear, and they aren’t too bad, cozy boyz across the world would appreciate the effort but nobody does it like John Elliott.  This right here is dedication, for the rest, it’s a side piece, part of your wardrobe, not for John, this is your wardrobe, his entire collection is based around CB livin, it’s a way of life, not just a hype for a few fashion weeks. If you’ve taken abit of interest in NYFW this year, you’ll know that he just killed it, even the hype beast that is Kanye is a fan. Albeit his collection includes more than just sweatpants, but that core theme runs throughout the whole collection.

Borne out of California, those laid back vibes are ever-present, think pro surfer dude out of his swimsuit chilling in his downtime and that’s John Elliott and Co. Fabrics sourced in Japan,  Production in LA, these boys aren’t just about volume, there is time and more time invested into creating these beautiful garments for you.  They’ve only been on the scene for a couple of years now and have just moved into the denim market, no doubt that John (we friends) will add his own twist to that too.

Peep the collection above and visit their website, this is for all, Full time cozy boyz, part timers and prospective new inductees. Welcome to “comfortably stylish”. That’s your new bio on twitter.

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