I’ll begin with an apology, I’ve had numerous people (approximately four) ask me when I would be posting again on the site. To be quite honest I’m surprised anyone willingly reads anything that I write. I would love to give you a very respectable reason for my absence, maybe I was soul searching whilst trekking through the Andes or I was helping to build orphanages in a remote corner of Africa or I could have even said I was working on a masterpiece of a post which needed time to create and once it was bestowed upon you it would create such uproar and fanfare that I would be touted as the modern day Scott F Fitzgerald.

Well, I am an honest man and although I’d love to say one of the above was true, the sad reality is that I was just being indolent. I’ve found that for such an idle activity, laziness can take up a considerable amount of time, although this period of sluggishness hasn’t been completely unfruitful, I could tell you all about a few new TV series I’ve been watching but I’ll keep that for another day.

Anyway, I have returned and I vow not to disappear again or I shall be stricken down by the bolt of Zeus…..or afflicted with some other more realistic punishment. So I sit here a sorrowful man, my deepest apologies to the four people and anyone else that has enjoyed my whimsical tales on life and more importantly, menswear.

I’d like to point out that I’ve not been a total cabbage patch on my sabbatical, I’ve recently returned from a trip to the land of the brave, good old ‘Merica! In particular, I visited Los Angeles and Las Vegas and being my first visit to the US, I must admit it was a great experience and I will definitely be revisiting, the staunchest of Americans may say I hadn’t visited “Real America” but we were driving on the right hand side and everything was supersized so I don’t know how much more real it can get.

A lot of my friends have visited the states before and have always mentioned it’s a great place to shop, so with the limited free time I did have, I took a stroll through some of the supermalls (shopping centres) dotted around Los Angeles. Granted when you come from the UK, the dollar is always attractive and in essence it was cheaper to buy things out there even with the tax added on. The most obvious difference was the price of American Brands such as Nike(y), Ralph Lauren, J Crew etc were considerably cheaper than they would be in the UK so I guess you could cash in big time with these brands if you’re ever in the states. I would have liked to have spent more time feeding my inner shopaholic whilst I was over there but I’ll remember that for next time. If any of you are thinking of visiting the states, especially LA then I’d say DO IT! Spend some time in Santa Monica, eat some Mahi Mahi tacos, enjoy the sun and the beautiful beautiful views.

I’m getting depressed just talking about it all so I’ll stop now, I’ll be back soon with very important menswear related noise.


me la


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