In search of the greatest jacket ever


Written by
Ifza Khushnud

We’ve all got that one item in our wardrobe that we love more than anything else, we feel a little bit happier when we put it on, we plan in our heads when we’re going to wear it, it gets more air time than anything else, lets just say everything else in your wardrobe is a substitute.

It can be anything from a pair of vintage jeans, a winter coat or even some handmade Italian brogues. For me though, it’s my prized possession, my “precious” leather biker jacket.

With outerwear in general, I’d say most of us are willing to spend that little extra because we know it’s going to last us a few years, we’re happy to make that investment. Also as your standing in this world develops, your tastes tend to change, your wallet gives you access to a bigger, much more luxurious market. We can become accustomed to the finer things, once you buy something of quality, it’s just so difficult to go back to something that isn’t. Everything about that item is far superior than anything you’ve bought in the past.

Going back to the leather, I’d be on the hunt for some time with an ample budget; I finally landed on a beautifully crafted peace from French ateliers The Kooples. As soon as I slipped it on, I knew it was the one; the form, the fit, the quality, everything including the price was perfect. It’s all been rather harmonious since then, she’s been a title winner for the last few years in my wardrobe but something changed last night.

Don’t get me wrong, she’s still great, it’s not her, it’s me. My wandering eye has found such beauty that anything else in comparison will look like Heather from Eastenders. (Sorry Heather). She comes from British heritage, her lineage is pure and she is in esteemed company. Is she too good for me I ask myself? Will I be able to keep her happy? Ok this is getting slightly weird, I’m talking about a jacket but seriously I kid you not my people of style, she is a beauty.

Leather jackets are timeless; I can’t see a future when they wouldn’t be in style. My current leather, I know twenty years from now it will still be in great shape, even if I’m not. I’ve always wanted a biker jacket, like the one Marlon Brando wore in The Wild One, I could become the 21st century cool cat ala The Fonz.

I thought I had found perfection before, just shows the human psyche always wants an upgrade, there’s always something more we want! Note how I say “we” as this is a problem for mankind, obviously it’s not just me, right?

Ok, maybe everything isn’t perfect, £4000 for a jacket is probably pushing it ever so slightly, I’m sure there is much more noble causes such a small fortunes could be put towards. Hmm maybe in a few years I won’t bat an eye lid (one hopes) but right now, I shall show restraint and just ogle from a distance like a dirty old man. Burberry, I hope you’re happy with yourself.

So in short, guys, don’t go out looking for perfection, it will cost too much, just stay in your lane!

See, my stories always have a moral!

That’s it for now, thanks for reading, I’ve got to go now and make it up to a very pissed off French companion.

PS. If anyone has got an extra £4000 lying around, please get in touch, I have some orphans who need looking after!