Scandinavian Sensibility: Style

Words by Ifza Khushnud

When one thinks about the playground of the stylish or trendsetters, we instantly think of the regular players; Paris, London, Milan, Tokyo and NY but now we’re welcoming a few new names into this fashion fraternity. The Scandinavian boys have been exuding some serious style for many years but it’s only recently they’ve began to receive those well deserved plaudits. This newfound fame can be attributed to the emergence and subsequent success of many a Northern European fashion house across the globe.

Chances are that most, if not all of us have at some point been influenced by the styles of the Swedes or Danes. I’ve been following this rise of the Scandinavian brand and style for some time and I am a big admirer, I wouldn’t be sat here writing if I wasn’t. Whether its Acne taking the high fashion scene by storm or mid range brands such as Norse Projects, Won Hundred or Wood Wood and high street chain H&M (founded in Sweden), Scandinavian style is all around us.

High end or high street?

Take your choice, the appeal is wide ranging but don’t for one second think they’re that dissimilar from each other, they all have that underlying, unwritten ethos of doing things the Scandinavian way. That ethos can be defined as minimalistic, practical, high in quality and ensuring a great fit. You’d be hard pressed to find brash logos, blind trend following and label whoring in the streets of Stockholm. Think IKEA but for menswear, clean lines, forward thinking, great use of fabrics and above all else practical, don’t worry though all garments come fully assembled.

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filippa k

Filippa K

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Hans Kjobenhavn

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Norse Projects

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won hundred

Won Hundred

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acne studios





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