To Bow Or Not To Bow: Wearing A Bow Tie Casually

In recent years we’ve seen the bow tie being dressed down, set against a more day to day casual look. Now, there’s a fine line between getting that geek chic look right or ending up looking like a waiter, a magician or someone whose just about to go and play a round at the crucible. Do snooker players play rounds? I’ll look that one up later….

Anyway so how do you get it right? Firstly, don’t bother wearing just a bow tie with a shirt, you’ll look like you’re ready to serve drinks at a cocktail bar. DO layer, be bold in your choice of tie (material, colour etc) Check out (marwood or drakes) they have quite a cool collection of styles.

Next,  think about the shirt, don’t pick up the shirt you’ve been 9 to 5’ing in the week, dress down remember, a nice poplin or oxford shirt,  try denim, or something less formal, in colour, material and style. You can top it all off with a nice weekend sports coat (tweed, chord, plaid etc) or even throw on a nice cable knit sweater or cashmere jumper.  DON’T try to colour coordinate too strictly, that goes for any outfit, I can assure you it’s not cool. (Check out Chris below).

 Above else remember, wear it with confidence. I have always been one to go with intuition, don’t doubt yourself, just do it.

See how it’s done well below. Note: Spectacles are optional but we believe it does enhance the look.

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This is not how it’s done: See Chris Brown photo.  He looks like he’s on his way to a childrens birthday party and not as a guest. I wonder if he’s got one of those endless handkerchiefs in his pocket?

how not to wear a bow tie


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